My wife and I would like to extend our sincerest thanks & gratitude for the tremendous time and effort that you gave in purchasing our new home. Despite of all the hurdles, problems, headaches, and pain we knew that buying a new home for us would not be easy, but due to your expertise as our Realtor, Ajeenah Crittendon and The Paradigm Realty Group helped us every step of the way. Ajeenah advise, proper management and continued guidance made our home buying experience truly a success. We never thought that we would be homeowners again.

Words are not enough to express how grateful we are. We hope that you will be able to help more people like us, and brighten their lives.
Thank you
George & Ilona


We wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude to you and The Paradigm Realty Group. Never have we had someone so dedicated to their profession as you have been. Your professional nature and attention to detail is above reproach.

We have had the opportunity to have you and The Paradigm Realty Group represents us on the sale of two properties, on both occasions the sales went very smooth and without a single glitch. The Corral Hollow property being more of a challenge was one of a difficult nature consisting of a two acre country home on septic and well water even though the market for homes was leaning toward developed communities where sales were strong you took our sale on with extreme confidence. At every turn you stole our confidence with your experience, you expressed a strategy that met every single obstacle and achieved our goal of the amount we needed to sell for. Again, the Corral Hollow property was not going to be the run of the mill sale went without a hiccup and we were able to close Escrow in 30 days.

Ajeenah your conduct and professionalism through both sales won our confidence; your performance through both transactions displayed an excellence that very few could accomplish. My wife and I are truly blessed to have you represent us in our business ventures both now and in the future.

Steve and Deborah Durflinger


Ajeenah is an outstanding realtor! We couldn't have asked for a better person to handle the sale of our property. She was always there for us night or day to help guide us through such a difficult process. Ajeenah and The Paradigm Realty Group are extremely knowledgeable. Ajeenah will always keep your best interests in mind. We highly recommend Ajeenah and The Paradigm Realty Group for selling or buying a home. She is a true professional!

Greg and Laurie Cordeiro


Thank you Ajeenah, and The Paradigm Realty Group! You walked me through one of my toughest decisions to sell my Condo. As a first-time home buyer in an economy that hasn’t been positive or profitable, your knowledge helped me make the right decision…run the numbers and cut my loss. I deeply appreciate your honesty and integrity in business.

Judy Cimino


My wife and I found Ajeenah and The Paradigm Realty Group after a terrible experience with another realtor. Ajeenah is very knowledgeable and proved to be extremely helpful when making a home sale or purchasing decision. We are extremely grateful for her hard work and valuable advice through the sale of our previous residence and through the purchase of our current home. Anyone that has gone through a sale or purchase of a property knows how stressful the process can be. Ajeenah kept us informed and offered us realistic advice that was genuine and put us at ease.

In the age of the internet, everyone thinks they are experts in everything. Ajeenah is the real thing. We have full faith in her abilities and her word. We will gladly continue to use Ajeenah and The Paradigm Realty Group for all of our future home sales or purchases.

Christian and Rachel Mayer


Ajeenah has been an integral partner of our lives for the past 10+ years. She has always offered honest sound advice. When the unfortunate time came to Short Sell our Rental Home in a downturned Real Estate Market, our first instinct was to contact Ajeenah.

Given the history of our relationship we knew her industry knowledge and integrity would help us through the entire process. Ajeenah brought the buyer, the seller and the bank together in a timely manner, the deal was agreed upon and finalized within 30 days. I must say this was truly an amazing feat in 2010 when the banks desks were flooded with Loan Modifications and Short Sale requests. She did an incredible job of keeping all parties informed of the transaction status and making sure everyone was comfortable as things moved along.

Ajeenah is a true professional and we consider her not just our Real Estate Agent but our Consultant. We do not make a move before checking with her.

It is not every day you are given an opportunity to work with someone who stands behind their word and offers guidance based on what is best for you and your family, proving her morals and ethics come first.

I am truly proud to recommend Ajeenah to anyone seeking a refreshing Real Estate Professional that will provide an honest opinion and sound advice on you next real estate transaction(s).

Here's To the Next 10+ Years - !!!
The Bergman Family


It is with great pleasure that me, and my husband highly recommend Ajeenah and The Paradigm Realty Group so anyone who is looking to sell their home or buy a home.

Ajeenah worked with confidence through the lengthy selling process of our house. This was one for the record books! She had the knowledge and the professionalism to handle a most difficult short sale.

I find myself in awe over her dedication to seeing us through the difficult short sale we experienced. She was always one step ahead of knowing what needed to be done. She was wonderful at explaining exactly what was going on and how to get it done.

Thank you so very much…
Daniel and Audra Damore


It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Ajeenah Crittendon and The Paradigm Realty Group in the listing and sale of our home. While we have bought and sold only one house we have never before encountered such a level of excellence.

The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as Ajeenah’s innovative efforts in developing prospects, useful insights on pre-listing renovations/staging, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations/due diligence.

All of these tasks whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. Thus, we highly recommend Ajeenah Crittendon and The Paradigm Realty Group for residential real estate needs.

If you’re thinking about listing your home and you’re not sure which agent to list with, may I suggest that you list with Ajeenah, and The Paradigm Realty Group?

While it might not seem that the listing agent matters…let me tell you it does!

Not all situations are alike. You may need to sell quickly. You may want to get the highest price even if it takes a bit longer. You might want to do improvements to reduce sales time but aren’t sure what will matter. Trust the guidance of Ajeenah and The Paradigm Realty Group.

We listed our home with TPRG not only for Ajeenah’s informative expertise. We listed our home with her because we knew she would walk us step-by-step process through the selling process and she was very patient with us as well.

Ajeenah put a ‘game plan together’ and we worked the game plan together! She also gave wise counsel along the way.

We did some judicious updating; tweaked the plan as we went along and we hit all of my goals.

Most importantly, we sold our home for more than was originally expected!

If you want a listing in the MLS and a sign in the yard, you can get that anywhere. If you want a trusted partner, you want Ajeenah.

Michael and Toni Selvin

Thanks Ajeenah you deserve so much more!